Our outdoor area

The baby room at Hilltop Nursery


All children love to get outside and play, and to make their experience of the outdoors as enjoyable and safe as possible we have invested heavily in our outdoor play area.  Children of all ages have access to a wide variety of resources including:

The toddler room at Hilltop Nursery


  • A large sand pit
  • Chalk board for mark making
  • Wooden play house for role play
  • ‘Racing track’ for cars and bikes
  • Gardening area for digging, planting and growing
  • Construction blocks
  • Balls, hoops and bean bags
The pre-school room at Hilltop Nursery

We also have an array of physical equipment which can be used safely by the children on the new wet pour rubber safety surface area.  

Baby/Sensory garden

The sensory garden

We have created a separate Baby/Sensory garden where the babies and/or small groups can enjoy outdoor play in a safe, grassed area with a wide variety of sensory resources such as sand, water, mark-making, digging etc.

Hilltop nursery hills