What we offer

The Nursery is divided into three main playrooms.

In each room we follow the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the government framework to be followed by all provisions caring for children aged 0-5. It is our aim to deliver the EYFS to an excellent standard ensuring that all our Children are given the learning opportunities they need in order to fulfill their potential as individuals.

The baby room at Hilltop Nursery

The Baby Room

For babies aged 3-18 months approx.

In this room the emphasis is on care and affection; play and activities are always accompanied by lots of smiles and cuddles. Babies receive a ‘diary’ which will go between home and nursery and will include information about your baby�s day such as meals, milk feeds, sleep times and nappy changes. (Please note that we provide nappies and wipes).

The toddler room at Hilltop Nursery

The Toddler Room

For children aged between 18 months and 3 years approx.

This room benefits from a separate sleep room where our toddlers can sleep on individual beds with their own bedding or just enjoy a rest and some quiet time out from their busy day. (Please note that we provide nappies and wipes).

The Pre-School Room

The pre-school room at Hilltop Nursery

For children aged 3 years and upwards.

Having benefited from an extensive refurbishment project this room provides a superbly resourced and designed environment in which our pre school children thrive.

The age ranges set out above for each of the rooms are approximate and we will always consider each child as an individual before moving them on to the next stage. A child will not be moved into the next room until they are ready both physically and emotionally.

The Nursery also has a large, enclosed outdoor play area with a variety of equipment to encourage physical development (please see our Outdoor Area page). The garden also benefits from a covered area where the children can still enjoy the fresh air even when it is raining.


We provide breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and dinner. We have a four-week menu that is displayed in each room. All our meals are freshly prepared on site by our qualified cook and we can cater for vegetarians and any other special diets. Our full catering kitchen has been awarded 5/5 for food hygiene by Cheshire East Council for two years running.

Meals for babies will be blended or mashed as appropriate and weaning babies will be catered for according to your wishes to ensure consistency of care between home and nursery. You are welcome to visit the nursery to breast feed your baby during the day.

Formula milk is not provided and should be brought into nursery in powder form and will be made up as your child requires. These bottles will be rinsed and returned at the end of the day.

Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day.

Throughout the year we prepare food from around the world to celebrate the various cultural festivals about which the children are learning.

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